Opportunities for a research PhD or research MSc (MSD)

Students with their own scholarships or are self-funded are welcome to apply.


Typical examples of current Projects on offer in my lab:

  • Development of the next generation of hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers as blood substitutes and oxygen therapeutics

  • Structure and function of androglobin, a novel new human hemoglobin believed to be involved with spermatogenesis.

  • Role of cytoglobin in cancer therapy resistance.

  • Role of neuroglobin in cytoprotection of neurons with is linked with neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's.

Not sure if you want to commit to a full three year PhD? You can do a one year MSD where you can upgrade to a PhD or a two year MPhil at the end of the first year.


What is a PhD / MSD /MPhil ?

  • A PhD is a 3 year program of scientific research where you get the opportunity to publish research in scientific journals, go to scientific meetings both national and international. At the end of 3 years, a thesis is written with the help of your supervisor (you have up to 1 year to do this, there are no bench fees and completion year fees are minimal). The student is then assessed by a viva conducted by an external & internal examiner.

  • An MSD is a master's degree by research. Like and MSc (sometimes called a taught MSc) you gain a master's degree, but and MSD is research-based only - no lectures or exams other than a few safety/career-related sessions. At the end of the year, you write a dissertation that is examined by a viva similar to a PhD. If you want to go into academic research, industry or a PhD, an MSD is arguably much more valuable than an MSc (and cheaper!).

  • An MPhil is a master of philosophy by research. This is a 2-year laboratory-based research degree is essentially in between a PhD and an MSD and is assessed in the same way.

All research degrees can be done part-time.

Currently there are no Essex Scholarships, however, for those from the UK the fees are much lower compared to an Undergraduate Degree. To self-fund an MSD (1 year) or PhD (3 years) the fees are listed below. In addition, if you graduated from Essex with an undergraduate or MSc degree, then you are eligible for a discount of up to 25%.

Current fees for UK/EU students:

MSD:                   £5,103

PhD:                    £5,103 pa

Please note that bench fees also apply (typically £1500-£3000 pa, depending on the nature of research). Research degree fees may be subject to change and fees for students from outside the UK are considerably higher. Please see the university website for up to date fees and entry requirements: https://www1.essex.ac.uk/fees-and-funding/research/default.aspx. Or contact me (reedb@essex.ac.uk).

Note that student loans are now available for MSD/PhDs. https://www.essex.ac.uk/postgraduate-research-degrees/fees-and-funding


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